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Marketing Minute 1: How To Deliver A Message To Your Audience
In this MVP Marketing Minute Calum demonstrates the basics to delivering a message to your audience, the key here is the way you connect to them. Watch this video to find out how!

Marketing Minute 2: How To Increase Sales With Video
Video is a powerful platform, did you know that you can use to to increase sales and get more cash-flow? Calum shows us how in this video.

Marketing Minute 3: Create Business Videos With Your Phone
Video doesn’t always have to be a big project, did you know your phone can deliver a message to your audience? Watch this to learn how.

Marketing Minute 4: 5 Small Business Video Marketing Tips
As a small business you have to do everything! Video can be difficult to get your head around but let us be the experts of that. These 5 tips will set you on the right path to get great success from your video marketing.

Marketing Minute 5: Create a ‘Why Us’ Business Video
Calum explains why your business needs a Why Us video and how this video can help explain your businesses points of difference.

Marketing Minute 6: Pick Your Video Platform
Calum discusses how it is vital to select your video platform before selecting your video marketing message. Each platform is different and so you need to play to each platforms strengths.

Marketing Minute 7: How To Make Product Videos
Calum walks you through a process to create business product videos that can generate sales without being too ‘salesy’. Some great insights to be had.

Marketing Minute 8: How To Increase Video Engagement
Calum discusses how to increase engagement for your video marketing. Learn some tricks to have your customers watch your video all the way through so you can deliver maximum impact.

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