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About MVP

At Monkey Video Production (MVP), we are passionate about creating engaging content for our clients using the power of animation videos.

We believe that animation videos are a very simple and powerful tool to communicate key messages and allows your audience to have a good understanding of what you’re trying to say and do.

In 2018, we also launch a new type of video called Interactive Live Animation Videos, combining animation with live videography. The use of live videography allows us to show the human factor, making storytelling and emotions shine through. The animation aspect, gives the video a more fun and engaging way to consume the information.

What makes our company different from the rest, is our hardworking and supportive team, whom we call our Family. The team is driven by love and the passion to deliver great work for our clients.

Linh Podetti

Project Manager

Linh enjoys bringing together passionate people who enjoy doing what they love. She works together with our script writer, voiceover artists and animators to produce extraordinary videos for our clients. Linh enjoys creating a loving work culture, where it’s important that everyone feels like they’re apart of the same mission.

Chris Barton

Chris Barton

Strategy Manager

Chris brings to us decades of experience working with medium to large businesses. He understands the needs of our clients and helps us to improve our services.

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