• Monkey Video Production: Qantas - Australia Pacific's Best Airline

    Qantas – Australia Pacific’s Best Airline


    Challenge Accepted – Fully Informative Animated Promotion Video in Less than a Minute!

    Capturing the beauty of the exotic paradise that is known to be Brazil. For this animated video, the team from Qantas requested the animation to be very realistic to the forest and animals found in amazing rainforest of Brazil. The video is meant to promote support to the company’s carbon offset projects in Brazil and all over the world, and so we were more than thrilled to be part of this exciting and meaningful project. Despite the tight deadline and the challenge of delivering a concise and fully informative and engaging message in less than a minute, we managed to pull through and create the animated video that shows a meaningful change to the way people fly. It’s not everyday that we get to work with Australia Pacific’s best airline company, but no challenge is too big or too small for our team to deliver the video that our clients require.

  • Monkey Video Production: Toll - Global Logistics Company

    Toll – Global Logistics Company


    Video Made for a World-Class Product

    Toll spent over 5 years designing their new, world-class logistics system that provides businesses a cost effective and time efficient way of sending goods regardless of their size. With so many features incorporated into their meticulously developed system, we made sure to work closely with Toll to ensure that all of their hard work was captured in this 90-second video.

  • Monkey Video Production: No Gaps Dental

    No Gaps Dental

    no gaps dental

    In this video, No Gaps Dental explains how their dental services are unlike others with their ‘no gaps’ guarantee. You can smile from ear to ear because you never have to pay any out of pocket expenses for general checkups, flouride, x-rays, scale & cleaning, and fillings. This fun, informative, and engaging animated video made by Monkey Video Productions will surely convince you to take advantage of their ‘no gaps’ guarantee for your dental needs.

  • tax-agent-img

    The Tax Institute for Tax Agents


    Incorporating multiple call to action in a 60-second explainer video is a real challenge. But for this video created for The Tax Institute, it’s just another challenge won. The video shows a no-frills way for a marketing video to engage different groups of people. Although the content of the video is targeted to resolve complicated situations its main target, tax agents, may have, the video is informative but simple proving that you don’t need to get into lengthy detail to get your message across.

  • Apple-&-Pear-Australia-Ltd

    Apple & Pear Australia Ltd

    Apple & Pear Australia Ltd

    This video for Apple & Pear Australia Ltd. is made simple and unbranded so the viewer can focus on the key takeaways they can use in everyday life. It teaches viewers from the ages of 5 to 65 so much about apples and wax in a little over a minute thanks to its easy-to-follow and straightforward script.It captures the finer points about apple and wax through an engaging animated video that practically everybody can relate to. In many ways, people will surely remember this video the next time they grab an apple from the store.

  • Easy-flat-rate-img

    Easy Flat Rate


    Easy Flat Rate has a simple business model—to provide plumbing, electrical, and HVAC agencies with a solution to their pricing needs. But this doesn’t mean their explainer video has to be drab. This fun animation appeals to customers’ emotions while laying down the benefits of the service. We created a video for them that’s easy impactful, engaging, and informative to help them attract potential customers.

  • collision-img

    Pantograph Collision Delection System (PCDS)


    Aesthetically pleasing graphics and perky music make this explainer video a whole lot of fun to watch. What’s more, the audience actually learns more about a new piece of technology minus the drab textbook-style discussion. The guys at the Australian Rail Technology came to us with the desire to let people know about PCDS and we delivered that and more!

  • Monkey Video Production: Asia Pacific Digital - Full-Scale SaaS Business Intelligence Provider

    Asia Pacific Digital – Full-Scale SaaS Business Intelligence Provider


    The videos that we produce can be used for a variety of purposes. Though most are used on websites to briefly advertise or provide explanation, Asia Pacific Digital came to us looking for a video to be used partially as a developmental tool, but also as a sales pitch. Once again, without any hesitation, we created a fun and engaging animation to help our client make a few homeruns from smooth sales pitches.

  • Monkey Video Production: Portfolio - QLD v8

    Export Council of Australia


    Raising awareness with pride. We are overwhelmed by the trust placed on our hands by the Queensland Government when they asked us to create this video for the 25th anniversary of the Premier of Queensland’s Export Awards 2014. Following the annual tradition of showcasing Australia’s talents and partners in overseas market, we featured Australia’s fast-rising industries with our trademark quality animation that pulsed with a catchy background music. This combination never fails to captivate the attention of any audience, making them hang on to every video transition that we create.

  • Monkey Video Production: Zingit. Buy. Sell. Tell.

    Zingit. Buy. Sell. Tell.


    Animating client’s logo makes a perfectly unique marketing video.

    The logo carries the brand’s identity. That’s why the team from Zingit gave us an amazing concept of making their brand logo the star of their animated video. Following their request to create a stick-man style animation using elements of their logo, we have created for them a colourful and unique marketing video that sticks to their brand identity. Paired with a well-constructed and informative script, the video managed to explain clearly what mobile shoppers are complaining about, how can Zingit resolve those issues, and how does Zingit allow them to earn big savings out of it—all in less than 60 seconds. Now that’s how an animated video can sell a great mobile app. Informative. Quick. Easy. At the end of the day, we always deliver the kind of video that meets our clients every request and needs.

  • Monkey Video Production: AustralianSuper Corporate Triathlon Series - Sports Event

    Australian Super Corporate Triathlon Series – Sports Event


    Go the Extra Mile to be Delightfully Engaging

    Perky music score and laser targeted message. You will definitely watch this video from start to finish. In just a minute or so, this animated video for Australian Super Corporate Triathlon Series takes the extra mile in engaging more people to join their triathlon without the lengthy discussion and annoying hard-selling. It’s just plain informative and easy on the eyes. If your business needs an ad or a website welcome message that easily engages viewers, an animated explainer video is just for you.

  • Monkey Video Production: BE Survey Group -  A Mining, Construction and Development Project Company

    BE Survey Group – A Mining, Construction and Development Project Company


    The Simplest Way to Educate your Prospects and Clients

    Are you in the construction or survey business? Isn’t it challenging to make your ads more engaging to all suitable market demographics as you deal with steel, dust, and grit? No question, you need an impactful marketing tool to do that. One way of doing that is by turning your ads into a creative narrative. And when it comes to engaging narrative, nothing works better than an animated explainer video. With this video created for BE Survey Group, the MVP team found a way to integrate informative clips of the business, while also giving out client advantages for their service—all in a 61-second video. Simply put, animated videos allow businesses in any industry to create short, concise and engaging marketing message that would get any audience pay attention to.

  • Monkey Video Production: - Tipping Website – Tipping Website


    This is the Way to Feature your NEW Service.

    When you want to place more focus and therefore more revenue for your new services, you can easily draw audience attention by using an animated video. This video created by the MVP team for Hot Bet has a simple goal—win more views, win more clients, win more $$$. It’s a win-win case. When you inform your clients about a service that they might be glad to try, you give them the information that they need to actually get them on board. What is it about? What is in there for me? How will that benefit me? And more importantly—how do I get started? With this 60-second video, Hot Bet covered all that. Simple yeh?

  • Monkey Video Production: ShareSight - Portfolio Management Software

    ShareSight – Portfolio Management Software


    Going From Good To Great

    Not every client comes to us completely unfamiliar or inexperienced with explainer videos. As it was with Sharesight, who have developed an investment management computer program, sometimes it is a matter of improving an older video. We were able to work with Sharesight to create a more updated, succinct, and engaging explainer video to suit their exact needs. Though explainer videos have a universal appeal, we make sure that you’re maximising the short time frame of attention to really engage potential clients and show them your best colours.

  • Monkey Video Production: Xin Morgage - Morgage Brokers

    Xin Mortgage – Mortgage Brokers


    Crossing Cultural Borders

    Every business has its own unique target market and we don’t believe that any business should be worried about any linguistic barriers for their marketing activities. At Monkey Video Productions, we’re here to make it simple for you. Xin Mortgage is a new agency trying to shake up the competitive mortgage world by sharing rewards with customers, where they offer up to 100% trail commission and additional rewards for any referrals. Apart from the general Australian homeowners market, they also wanted to reach the Chinese-Australian and Chinese market. To make this easy for them, apart from our playful animations and English voice-over to fulfil the general target market needs, we also provided Chinese subtitles to effectively and efficiently meet the needs of their more specific targets.

  • Monkey Video Production: CeeKids - Online Record Keeping for Early Learning and Childcare Centres

    CeeKids – Online Record Keeping for Early Learning and Childcare Centres


    Have A Bit Of Fun

    One of the greatest advantages of explainer videos, apart from ‘explaining’ your company or product, is that with a bit of cooperative work and discussion, you can convey whichever feeling you’d like. Though every client that comes to us is serious about their business, sometimes it’s essential that they showcase their friendly and light hearted side. As Ceekids are in the early learning and childcare centre market, we created a bright, playful and ‘kid friendly’ animation to suit their needs.

  • Monkey Video Production: NSRE - Property Management Company

    NSRE – Property Management Company


    Present Yourself Professionally

    NSRE is a Property Management Company that wanted to show their potential clients how they stand out from the crowd. They themselves knew that the best and fastest way to do that was through a short and simple video. By utilising real images of their properties, this combined with our smooth animations was able to show case their portfolio in a professional and understandable way. In an industry where trust and understanding is indispensable, our videos are here to help you present your business professionally.

  • Monkey Video Production: Doggy Bag - Dog Food Delivery Company

    Doggy Bag – Dog Food Delivery Company


    Your Wish Is Our Command

    Doggy Bag came to us with their unique dog meal delivery service knowing exactly what they wanted. They knew that they wanted to deliver the message across that their food and services are of only the best quality. They also knew which details they wanted, from characters’ traits to the narrator’s voice. Though we can help clients with less clear ideas, when a client comes forward with an idea in mind, we will make sure to satisfy those wishes down to a T.

  • Monkey Video Production: Portfolio - Debt Fix - Finance Company

    Debt Fix – Finance Company


    Knowledge Shouldn’t Go To Waste

    When clients come to us, the video isn’t suddenly out of their hands after the first request. Like Debt Fix, most clients come to us with a vision in mind and certain messages they want to convey. We strive to maintain proper communication throughout the process not just to leave clients satisfied, but also because we know that it would be an utter waste of all the market knowledge that each client holds. By keeping up the conversation, we make sure that every video we create avoids the dreaded “it would have been better to…” feeling.

  • Monkey Video Production: Portfolio - Wealth Today - Financial Services

    Wealth Today – Financial Services


    Customisable Promotional Video

    Wealth Today provide a myriad of financial services, including actually helping members with running their own financial services business with them providing support from behind. As part of this background support, Wealth Today wanted to offer their members a little boost for their sales process by providing them with a promotional video. To help them help others, Wealth Today requested slight logo customisations to their core video, allowing this single product to be versatile enough for dozens of clients.

  • Monkey Video Production: AUSvance - Unsecured Business Loans and Merchant Cash Advance Provider

    AUSvance – Unsecured Business Loans and Merchant Cash Advance Provider


    Helping You Stay Competitive

    It’s no secret that explainer videos are becoming more and more important to businesses. AUSvance came to us after noticing the trend of explainer video usage amongst their competitors. Though they had produced their own in house video, they were quick to realise the need for a more professionally produced video. Keeping up with competitors is a serious concern for many businesses and our company wants to make sure you’re on top of this matter. Whether you wish to provide your own ideas from scratch or example videos, allow us to help you achieve that additional boost.

  • Monkey Video Production: Qikgen - Accounting Software

    Qikgen – Accounting Software


    Product Launches

    Qikgen came to us with their newly developed ordering system, getting ready to launch it into the market. While preparing to launch both their product and website, they turned to us to provide them an effective launch video to maximise their advertising impact. How We Helped: We were able to provide Qikgen with an explainer video carefully tailored to suit both their product and website design. From the get go Qikgen recognised that for a new product, they needed to effectively capture attention. And there was no better way than through an explainer video.

  • Monkey Video Production: Landing Page Angel - Landing Page Specialists

    Landing Page Angel – Landing Page Specialists


    “Do I even need it?”

    Landing pages are single webpages that have been recognised to be vital in advertising specific products, services, and even events. Landing Page Angel is our own partner company that specialises in developing effective landing pages. But with such a straightforward concept, surely an additional explainer video would be unnecessary? Not quite. Consumers want to be engaged immediately. They want to know as much as possible as soon as possible. Whether it is to buy, compare or collaborate. Explainer videos don’t make landing pages redundant, they compliment them to provide the best advertising strength.

  • Monkey Video Production: East Coast Law - Law Firm

    East Coast Law – Law Firm


    We Don’t Provide Robotic Services

    How we came to work with East Coast Law was a little interesting. East Coast Law had only learnt about explainer videos through their own scriptwriter, Alison from Sydney. After beginning to work with us she told us her genuine surprise about our quality of animation and customer service, telling us how other companies would cost up to four times as much but still come off as though they had no time for her. Our Collaboration: We aren’t robots that demand to follow a strictly set style and method. With no hesitation, we collaborated with Alison and the law firm itself to make the most effective use of Alison’s storyboard and her scriptwriting expertise.

  • Monkey Video Production: PricePal - Cashback Website

    PricePal – Cashback Website


    Show Them What They Need To Know

    PricePal provides innovative software that allows consumers to earn shopping rewards, cash backs, and maximised savings. As you can imagine, many thought the service was just too good to be true. It was our responsibility to create a video that could quickly show potential users exactly what this software involved and thus erase those doubts. After uploading our video, website tracking data showed that close to all users had viewed the video before downloading the software. Compared to some years ago, consumers are much more informed and they want to stay informed. They’re no longer willing to take a leap of faith with the unfamiliar. It is now the producer’s responsibility to prove their legitimacy and quality. And we at Monkey Video Production are here to help you do so.

  • Monkey Video Production: Portfolio - Under 5 Small Business - Business Consulting Company

    Under 5 Small Business – Business Consulting Company


    Long Distance Relationships That Work

    Under 5 Small Business knew the essentiality of quickly showing site visitors who they are and what they can do for their own clients. With core illustrations provided by their graphic designer, we were able to complete a clear and smooth animation to showcase our client. But before we got to this point, they had one big concern: could this transaction really work when they were located in New Zealand? The inability to interact physically is undoubtedly a big concern for any business, but with the innovation and convenience of online communication, it is hard to even feel the distance. Despite their initial fears, Under 5 Small Business were so satisfied with our services that they asked for a further three videos. Distance is a scary thing, but it’s nothing a little cooperation that Skype can’t handle.

  • Monkey Video Production: Portfolio - Backup Assist - IT Company

    Backup Assist – IT Company


    “Too Good To Be True?”

    It is only natural for consumers to be sceptical about services and prices that seem just too good to be true. Backup Assist were in that situation when they came across us. They wanted to highlight their IT products and services but they told us honestly that they couldn’t believe our prices and promised quality. We took those doubts in stride and without hard feelings. So when Backup Assist asked for some reassurance, we didn’t hesitate for a moment to provide referees for them to contact. With doubts out of the way, Backup Assist were given 2 fantastic explainer videos that delivered their core marketing message in a series of clean-cut animations and smooth transitions.

  • Monkey Video Production: Portfolio - Skidreamz - Travel Company

    Skidreamz – Travel Company


    You Are Our Priority

    As with all clients, Skidreamz wanted to sell their services, in their case, to highlight their ski holiday planning solutions. As we do for every client, we provided the best communication and production as we possibly could and left the client feeling remarkably satisfied. At the end of it all, we were very flattered to have been complimented as being “very efficient, patient, accommodating, and thoroughly professional”.

  • Monkey Video Production: Portfolio - Pet Circle - Pet Food Company

    Pet Circle – Pet Food Company


    Less Can Be More

    Explainer videos don’t have to show off every aspect of a business. Pet Circle came to us knowing that they wanted a video not for their entire company but just their auto-delivery service. As per usual, their wish was our command. We made sure that our animation would allow customers to know everything that they should about Pet Circle’s unique pet food subscription service. .

  • Monkey Video Production: APS - Lighting & Safety Product Specialists

    APS – Lighting & Safety Product Specialists


    Put Your Faith In Us

    It is understandable to be cautious after being burned. APS is a leading lighting and safety product specialist but a botched project left their view of video production companies darkened. Though APS naturally had doubt to begin with, our top quality service quickly earned their approval. By the end of this transaction, our client was left with a thorough video that could be used for corporate purposes.

  • Monkey Video Production: Portfolio - Express Resume - Resume Writing Service

    Express Resume – Resume Writing Service


    Pleasant Surprises

    Clients come to us with unmatched expertise in their own fields; however, it can be easy to forget that others may not share the same level of knowledge. When Express Resume came to us, a business specialising in various professional services including resume writing, it was only natural that they wished to provide their own script. But it was easy to see that although their script was beautifully written, it was difficult for non-experts to understand. The improved effectiveness of the video upon using our script was a pleasant surprise to the client and showed the benefit that our ‘outsider’s perspective’ can provide.

  • Mortgage Australia - Finance Company

    Mortgage Australia – Finance Company

    Mortgage Australia

    Let People Get To Know You

    Competition is fierce in most markets, and that is most definitely true for the world of real estate. Mortgage Australia is in a market that is dominated by small number of giants, but they have faith in their own services and values of being a home grown, local business. To reflect the pure dedication in their core values, we provided them with a smooth and simple animation to highlight their background and services.

  • Money Tribe - Home Loan Comparison Site

    Money Tribe – Home Loan Comparison Site


    Keep It Simple

    Money Tribe has gone out of the box to reach out to Australians who are in need of loans and mortgages. We provided them with an animated video to simplify their offerings and help reach out to their target market. Whilst it is vital that websites contain all necessary details, reeling in potential clients can be more effectively done by simplifying key features into a short and fun video.

  • rewardsphere

    Rewardshere – Rewards Program for Companies


    Clients’ Clients

    When your clients are no longer individual consumers, but actually other businesses, it might be easy to disregard the value of explainer videos. However, “larger” clients still need to be hooked in and the efficiency of explainer videos to grab attention does not diminish with client size. We provided Rewardshere with an exciting animated explainer video to allow their potential clients to better understand what their company is about and the benefits it possesses.

  • My Baby Canvas - Baby Canvas Design Company

    My Baby Canvas – Baby Canvas Design Company


    This colourful explainer video posted at the My Baby Canvas homepage used an easy-to-follow instructional on how to create and personalise a beautiful canvas print using your baby’s pictures and have it delivered right to your doorsteps.

  • Punnky - Non Profit Organisation

    Punnky – Non Profit Organisation


    Punnky is a non profit organisation that promotes the world happiness movement. What is a better way to explain their cause? Explainer videos are! Be inspired, smile and be happy with Punnky.

  • CorporateToFreedom - Entrepreneur Training Program

    CorporateToFreedom – Entrepreneur Training Program


    With this explainer video we illustrate how Corporate To Freedom help people to finally quit their day job, invest, and start a business in few easy steps.

  • SEOnet - Outsourced Marketing Services Company

    SEOnet – Outsourced Marketing Services Company



    The video that we made for SEOnet shows how much can be fit into a one to two minute clip. Sometimes the most important aspect of an explainer video is to ensure that the entire range of products and services are highlighted and we made sure to do so for a company that provides such a variety of services.

  • Elevate Health & Wellbeing Center - Health Company

    Elevate Health & Wellbeing Center – Health Company


    Elevate Health and Wellbeing Centre has earned a bigger following with this informative services video presentation that promotes their health and wellness business.

  • We Sell Doors - Door Manufacturing Company

    We Sell Doors – Door Manufacturing Company


    With this WSD explainer video, you get to learn from an animated character how to properly measure your door. Watch how this video incorporates the charm of animated explainer videos into a series of real life video shots on how to actually measure doors and introducing the WSD brand in the process. From using a catchy colour scheme to a talking, friendly, animated custom designed character, this video shows a fresh take on presenting any company or brand.


  • Linkwest



    Corporate Training Video

    Whiteboard videos are beautifully clean and simple. Linkwest came to us looking for corporate training videos to be used internally. Whilst they still had messages to carry across, they knew that they didn’t need quite as much to do so. In a series of videos that we provided for them (of differing lengths and detail), we made sure to keep all the videos as simple and engaging as possible.

  • jc concierge



    Simplicity Is Key

    The JConcierge explainer video features an array of concierge services that busy clients would truly appreciate. Even without a voice over, the simple and sleek nature of the video allowed the JConcierge’s services to be efficiently showcased.


Branding intros are short clips that you can add to the beginning of your videos in order to help promote your branding.

  • Maddisons Real Estate

    Maddisons Real Estate


  • Red and Black Solutions

    Red and Black Solutions


  • Dreampushers Podcast

    Dreampushers Podcast


  • Linh Hoang

    Linh Hoang