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Marketing Minute 1: How To Deliver A Message To Your Audience
In this MVP Marketing Minute Calum demonstrates the basics to delivering a message to your audience, the key here is the way you connect to them. Watch this video to find out how!

Marketing Minute 2: How To Increase Sales With Video
Video is a powerful platform, did you know that you can use to to increase sales and get more cash-flow? Calum shows us how in this video.

Marketing Minute 3: Create Business Videos With Your Phone
Video doesn’t always have to be a big project, did you know your phone can deliver a message to your audience? Watch this to learn how.

Marketing Minute 4: 5 Small Business Video Marketing Tips
As a small business you have to do everything! Video can be difficult to get your head around but let us be the experts of that. These 5 tips will set you on the right path to get great success from your video marketing.

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