Meet The Minds Behind Monkey Video Production

Monkey Video Production

Linh Podetti


Our founder, Linh Podetti, has a passion for business and project management. She has channelled her passion for people into skills of recruitment and management, ensuring that clients can be rest assured that their videos will be produced smoothly from start to finish. Linh also has a strong love for empowerment and growth, migrating to Australia from impoverished Vietnam herself, and so she is also committed to participating in social projects to make a difference in underprivileged countries.

Charley Valher


Monkey Video Production’s co-founder, Charley Valher brings with him unparalleled strength in online marketing and business strategy. With Charley’s expertise, clients can relax knowing that there is another brilliant mind behind the scenes, dedicated to growing businesses. On top of that, Charley is also dedicated to making the most of opportunities that MVP can take to better the world.