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Engaging Your Audience with Explainer Videos

July 2, 2016
Writing content, especially informative, is not an easy task. In our quest to deliver quality information to our audience, we sometimes end up creating long-form content. This is where engagement becomes an issue especially when attention is involved. Not every reader among your audience is the same. Some will take the time to read your… read more

How Much Do Explainer Videos Really Cost?

March 30, 2016
Over the past few years, explainer videos have gained traction and popularity among marketers. This is because these videos, short and succinct as they may, are able to do many things for brands including increasing conversion rates, clarifying product objectives, grabbing the attention of the audience while helping them retain information, and so much more.… read more

TV advertising vs. Video Marketing: How the advertising game will never be the same

February 19, 2016
Due to the boundless advancement in technology that is happening in today’s generation, variance in the wide array of terms and preferences have risen. This is usually based on what’s popular and what’s not. However, this constant manipulation of trends in technology has somehow left confusion for the minds of its followers. Advantages and disadvantages… read more