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Utilising Emotional Keywords in the Video Script

February 25, 2015
A video script is the backbone of every explainer videos. Indeed, there other successful video that doesn’t utter a single word in it, but that is scripted too. Video scripts are composed of words, which are strategically coined and placed within the explainer video with one objective—to influence the viewer into buying, subscribing, share and… read more

Effective Video Marketing Strategies for Valentine’s Day

February 6, 2015
Like all other special occasions, Valentine’s Day is also a great event for marketers and promoters to sell and introduce products and services. And, one of the effective marketing tools to gain more exposure is through explainer videos. But, before creating an awesome marketing video for this special event, the promoter must know first the… read more

Effective Utilization and Sound and Visual Effects

January 7, 2015
An explainer video with quality voice-over is not complete without being accompanied by sound and visual effects. Light is what gives life to the video, and the intensities of light are represented by different colours and visualisation; and, sound gives birth to light. These are universal laws of nature, vibrating energies capable of influencing the… read more